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Stunned Man, 2004

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Trilogy of Failure
(Part 2)
Stunned Man

2-channel film installation
Colour, sound
Shot on Super-16mm
Converted to PAL SD and transferred onto DVD
Aspect ratio 16:9
Loop, 32 min 49 sec
Edition 6 + 2 ap

Stunned Man (2004) is the second part of Rosefeldt’s Trilogy of Failure (2004/2005) in which three different settings draw a picture of our vain entanglement with everyday rituals. In each case the protagonist is caught up in a microcosm that suggests mental and spatial claustrophobia. As a reaction to the hopeless situation, he plunges into permanent Sisyphean activity – going nowhere and producing nothing. The motifs of perpetual attempt and constant failure find their equivalent in the repetitive structure of the loop. The scenes are allegories of our frantic and ultimately futile attempts to escape the surrounding norms, constraints, structures and rituals by which we are determined.

Stunned Man (2004) shows a young man vandalising his apartment, which is then assiduously reassembled by his alter ego, only to be destroyed once again. As in the first part of the trilogy, the room is recognisable as a film set and neglects the cinematic effect of illusion. The wordplay of the title refers, like The Soundmaker (2004), to a film profession pursued more or less behind the scenes: the stuntman.

Summarised from Stefan Berg and Katerina Gregos, in: Julian Rosefeldt: Film Works (2008)

Exhibitions / Catalogues

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Berg, Stephan, et al., eds. Julian Rosefeldt: Film Works. Ostfildern, 2008.

Film Credits

Asuka Tovazzi (Stunned Man)

Production Designer: Leonie v. Arnim
Director of Photography: Christoph Krauss
Production Manager: Sandra Knape
Costume Designer: Beate Scheel
Make-up Artist: Sven-Eric Willems
1st Assistant Director: Matthias Junge
Gaffer: Martin König
Set Manager: Olaf Kenner
1st Assistant Production Designer: Christiane Rothe
Props / Set Dresser: Daniel Ben Sorge
On-Set Dresser: Sven Geßner
Set Dresser: Mareike Jetten
Driver Production Design: Jenny Werther
Set Construction: Blackbox
Script: Tina Tripp
1st Assistant DoP: Kerstin Kosinarova
Clapper-Loader: Jakob Ebert
Key Grip: Thomas Pieger, Robert Staffl
Best Boy: Sören Lang
Electricians: Alexander Klein, Urs Zimmermann
Assistants Production Manager: Ralph Appru, Julia Szemborski
Set Photographer: Barbara Schmidt
Driver: Ralph Appru
Catering: Markus Raska

Editor: Sergej Range
Postproduction: Pictorion das werk berlin GmbH
Project Manager das werk: Tom Michel
Colourist: Nadir Mansouri
Compositing: Christian Tröger, Philipp Fehling
Technical Support: Alex Falk
Postproduction Sound: Arri Film & TV GmbH
Foley Artist: Felix Kratzer
Sound Supervisor, Re-recording: Tschangis Chahrokh-Zadeh
Sound Editor: Berni Maurer

Camera, Light & Grip Supplier: Cinegate GmbH
Processing & Telecine: Schwarzfilm Postproduktion GmbH
Insurance: A. Huber & Co.
Transport: Medias Reiseservice GmbH
Film Stock: Fuji Kine Film Vetriebsges. mbH
Kodak GmbH

Supported by:
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary
Rumi Verjee

Shot in Berlin, 2004

Written, directed and produced by Julian Rosefeldt

All rights reserved © Julian Rosefeldt

Film & Video Works / Stunned Man, 2004